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Practical information


Temporary Timetable for Asics Sentrumsløpet on Saturday 10th of october  2020:

13.30: Norlandia Sentrumsløpet For Barn
14.30: ASICS Sentrumssprinten
16.00: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM
17.30: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 5 KM

Timetable waves

Preliminary waves for ASICS sentrumsløpet 2020

What wave your in, depends on your registrated estimated time.

16:00: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 1
16:00: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 2
16:03: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 3
16:06: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 4
16:10: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 5
16:14: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 6
16:18: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 7
16:22: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 8
16:25: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 9
16:28: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 10
16:31: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 11
16:33: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 12
16:35: ASICS Sentrumsløpet 10 KM – Wave 13

17.30: Asics Sentrumsløpet 5 KM – Wave 1
17.32: Asics Sentrumsløpet 5 KM – Wave 2

NB! Your time starts when you cross the start line.


You will find live results here.


Bananas and other snack will be served by Kiwi after the finish line.

There will also be foodtrucks at Spikersuppa.

Drinks stations

There are two drinks stations along the track. The first one i situated at Bygdøy Alle(10 km) and the second one is situated at Karl Johan after the finish line(10 km and 5 km). We serve both water and sport drinks.


You’ll find toilets in the side streets of Karl Johan, around Spikersuppa. We will publish a map a couple of days before the race.


Bag storage

You will find bag storage facilities at Universitetsgata in the alley between Kristian IV gate and Karl Johans gate.

It’s open from 14:00

A luggage tag can be found in the envelope containing your start number.


We offer this to all our participants. Wardrobes can be found at Bislett Stadium between 16:30-18:00.

Entrance from Sofies gate.

Start numbers

Runners Expo

Where: Teatersalen i Rosenkrantz’ gate 8:

Thursday 08. october: 10.00–19.00
Friday 09. october: 10.00–19.00
Saturday 10. october: From 09.00

Name on your racenumber

Race number will be printed around 4 weeks before the race and if you want your name on with your number, you must therefore have your name registered at participant information on my page. We will on facebook and in our newsletter informe you about the deadline.


All participant will receive the official T-shirt for Asics Sentrumsløpet 2020 when they receive their race number. The t-shirt is free for those who participate. We cannot guarantee that everyone will get the size they want, but we do our best to ensure that as many as possible get the size they have stated.

Changing participant informasjon

Starting fee is non-refundable, but you can give it away or sell it to someone you know. Make sure you log in your user page and change participant information (latest at october 09th at 11:59pm).

If you want to change distance, expected time, email etc you may do this at MY PAGE.

Username and password can be found in the Ultimate confirmation email you received when you signed up. In the same email you’ll find a unique direct link to your page.

Course maps


Route for 2020 will be published in august/september. Our goal is to maintain the route as similar as possible, you’ll find last years route here.

Road closures

Check this site for more information for road closures. Ruter will also publish information on their website for public transport few days before the race.

Getting to Asics Sentrumsløpet

We recommend to use public transport getting to Asics Sentrumsløpet. Metro will go as usual, but buses and trams may be affected by the race.
Check ruter.no journey-plannser for details.

Other information

Medals and award ceremonies

All participants of Asics Sentrumsløpet will receive a medal after finishing.

The top three females and males on 5km and 10km gets 3 000, 2 000, 1 000 NOK.

Asics gifts to all class winners according to klasseinndeling.

Seeding 10 kilometre

If you expect to run faster than 31 minutes (for men) or 35 minutes (for women) you could be seedet. Enquiry of seeding can be addressed to sentrumslopet@bul.no.


Everyone that is 13 years or older have to buy license. For more information about license, https://www.friidrett.no/lopinorge/lisens.
Questions about license can be addressed to lisens@friidrett.no.

Need of assistance?

If you are in need of assistance, send an email to sentrumslopet@bul.no.
Your assistant will get their free start.


In need of accomodation? We will recommend Hotel Bondeheimen.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)